Friday, April 3, 2009

Enrolling My Company

When I got all excited about iPhone app development, I went straight to the iPhone Dev Center and started downloading the 2.2.1 SDK. I wanted to download the 3.0 SDK, but quickly realized that I needed to enroll in their dev program if I wanted to download. I knew that this step would be necessary, anyway, if I wanted to sell apps in the AppStore. I did not realize at the time that this would be a LONG process (much longer than I think it needs to be.)

Bear in mind that I am enrolling my company (an L.L.C.) instead of an individual. I have heard that the process is much shorter for individual registration. To try to help answer the question, "How long does it take?" here is a step-by-step log of what has happened to date:

3/19/09 (0 days) - I created my Dev Center account/profile and began the enrollment process to register my L.L.C. in the Standard Program. My status on the iPhone Dev Center was immediately changed to

Enrollment in identity verification stage.

I also received an email from iPhone Developer Program ( titled Enrollment Confirmation. This email had details about the program that I was trying to enroll in as well as an Enrollment ID.

3/23/09 (4 days) - I received an email from iPhone Developer Program ( titled iPhone Developer Program - Additional Information Required (Enrollment ID: XXXXXXXXXX). This email requested that I send "one of the following forms of identity for your business" and then gave me a list of acceptable documents. Since my company is a L.L.C., I chose to fax my Articles of Organization, which were created when I created the L.L.C. and that showed me as a founding member.

At the same time, my status on the iPhone Dev Center changed to

Company documents needed.

3/26/09 (7 days) - I replied to the email that requested the additional information to confirm that they had received the faxed documents. I was concerned that since my status still said "Company documents needed" that they hadn't been received. No response...

3/30/09 - 3:04 PM (11 days)- I sent a second inquiry in response to the Additional Information Required email asking to confirm that they had, indeed, received the faxed documents.

3/30/09 - 3:54 PM (11 days)- I received a response from with the same title as above. It gave me a follow-up number for future communication. Here's an excerpt from the response:
Thank you for contacting the Apple Developer Connection regarding the iPhone Developer Program.

We can confirm that we have received your business documentation. We are currently reviewing your application and will contact you with further information regarding your application status as soon as it becomes available.

I hope you find this information useful. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

At the same time, my Enrollment Status on the iPhone Dev Center also changed to

Contacting your legal representative.

I have since been waiting for a contact from Apple.

4/3/09 - 8:57 AM (15 days) - I sent an email today asking how long this process of being contacted typically takes.

That's where I am so far--updates on responses/further steps to follow...


  1. holy cow.... I'm within the first 7 days and reading this really makes me think if I want to go through the process at all... I have not even gotten to the "Enrollment in identity verification stage"

  2. Yep, I'm about 2 days in and am also signing up my LLC. Egads, you've got me scared man.

  3. :) It takes a little while, but it's worth it in the end to have your company signed up instead of just being an independent contractor.

  4. Any one know how to contact Apple (number, email etc), I enrolled a week ago and haven't heard anything yet. I can't find a contact number for them

  5. Enrolled our company 5/9 and it's now 5/22, still waiting...

  6. CALL This Number (800)633-2152.

    It worked for me!!!


  7. Thanks, I ended up registering as an individal as its much quicker and easier.

  8. It is definitely quicker and easier to register as an individual, but you don't have the ability to add other developers to your team. You will also be taxed differently. If neither of those is important to you, then registering as an individual is the right way to go.

  9. Quick note on this. I've been in the "Contacting Company Representative" state for awhile. I called the number that Ram list (ADC Support), and they did it right there on the phone and moved my account along!

  10. I've waited about a month, finally got an email with that phone number and they intsantly added it. too bad they are updating the apple store site and i can't purchase the program right now :(

  11. Do you have the list of acceptable documents they will accept? I got an email saying:

    Thank you for your interest in the iPhone Developer Program and your patience during the enrollment process.
    We are currently waiting for documentation from you in order to complete the identity verification for your iPhone Developer Program enrollment request. To proceed with your enrollment, fax the requested documentation

    The problem: I don't know what the requested documentation is???

  12. Hi mate! Need your advice. I asked Apple but not had a reply from them. Is it possible to enrol as a standard - individual development program and then later upgrade to the standard company program?

    What's the process etc? Need some advice.

  13. Hi Nilesh,
    I called apple support a few weeks ago and they told me that the option of going from individual to corporation (name change after registration) was available before but not anymore, and that they were considering re-instantiating that option, but that they couldn't promise anything.. Your best bet is to call again..

  14. I wish I had read this before I enrolled. My post office serves three areas. So my address can be listed as one of the other areas, depending on which company I'm ordering from. I enrolled using my apple account and the same credit card I use for Apple purchases, iTunes, my account. Since I was instructed to use the address exactly as listed on my credit card statement, the city names don't match (or maybe it was because I used a nine digit zip code) and I then was told I needed to fax a notarized copy of my ID. They had no problem charging my credit card though. I asked them to either enroll me or refund my money.

  15. im having the same issue with the notarized copy etc etc!

    i went to the DMV to try to get a notarized copy...and they said that it was illegal to copy an official document (confirming my suspicions) they can't notarize something that was illegal to produce in the first place.

    apple had no problem charging my card for the fee, charging my card for mobileMe, or for the two hundred paid apps that i have purchased from the app store (not to mention itunes stuff)...

    i called the "contact" number but they could offer no help besides what the original message said...*fume...sigh*

    any suggestions or solutions?

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  17. I'm not quite sure why Apple requires a process of identification more rigorous than that which is required of getting surgery. The amusing thing is we've started to do Android development while the long wait goes on.

  18. hey mate ,
    can you tell me what all documents apple needs for company identification.

  19. I Love it! this statement is so true and Apple will lose again just like they did to Microsoft back in the day: I'm not quite sure why Apple requires a process of identification more rigorous than that which is
    required of getting surgery. The amusing thing is we've started to do Android development while the long wait goes on.

  20. Ben how much time did it eventually take to get the enrollment for the company and if anyone has got individual enrollment how much time did it take. This would be helpful for rookies like me.

    Thanks in advance

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  22. I've been trying to get my Delaware corporation signed up ... have put dozens and dozens of hours in over the last two months, and Apple still rejects my application. They are aware that Delaware will not provide a letter with the companies address, and yet they say such a letter is necessary. I think in the end, Apple is closing the door on small developers, and really expects to work mostly with "insiders" who already have the silicon valley connections...

  23. Perls, I'm in the same situation re a Delaware corp. Any updates on your end?

  24. I'm a month into the process for a small Maine credit union and we're at a standstill. Why? Because my articles of incorporation (done in the 50's) are titled "by-laws". By-laws are not valid per Apple. According to the Maine Department of Corporations, my doc is 100% valid. This is most frustrating. None of the 7 documents are valid. Our sales tax permit - again from the state - does not have the correct words. I'll calling our newspaper to do a story.

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